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March 29, 2007

Don't be intimidated by all the complexity of the astro stuff on this site. While it is important to the understanding of what is really happening in the market, the amount of information can easily overwhelm and confuse you. But if you use the hotline right, that will not be the case.

Each night you get an email. I produce it by looking at the forecast MoonTide pattern, on a chart like this.

I look at the MoonTide chart, and select the turns that look like the best trades. This gives me a few good trade times. Most of the astro stuff is in the MoonTides. So you really do not have to watch it bar by bar. All you need are the trade times, a simple chart, and the trading rules.

The best approach to trading the MoonTides is KISS - keep it super simple. Watch a simple chart (similar to SPKISS or SP1Day), with 3 minute bars, 20 minute (6 or 7 bars) EXMA, and 110 minute (36 bar) EXMA.

Look at the trade times in the Strategy section of the email. Draw vertical lines at the trade times. These are easily drawn in eSignal, Wave59, and other trading programs. If you can color bars with indicators, use the 20 EXMA below the 110 EXMA to color them your down color, and above to color them your up color. When within about +/-45 minutes of the trade times, follow the rules given in the Standing Instructions.

A chart done this way is shown below, illustrating the action on March 29, 2007. Just read the points A-H to see just how well KISS worked.

After you have worked with this simple chart and are very comfortable, then you can incorporate more stuff. But for starts, just Keep It Super Simple. Be patient. This approach works over time.

To see an excellent example of KISS in the Chaos Clinic, go here.

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