Natural Times in the S&P at

May 9th, 2002

Every now and then God blesses me with a new insite into the marvelous workings of the universe. A few weeks ago, I saw a new phenonema operating in the S&P. This I call Natural Times. These are times of energy impulses in the S&P. Most of the time, there is no planet aspect at these times. They are not as simple as that. These points tend to be pretty accurate, and seem to account for many of the turns during the day.

I do not have a flawless trading method for using these times. I have been using them in conjunction with the 20 minute EXMA used for tracking the MoonTides. This helps me anticipate the turns in that EXMA.

They may also be of use to traders who have their own systems, who use the times as signal confirmations.

These times are an improvement to the times I put in my nightly email, so they are now a standard part of Tomorrow's Market Email.

Here are a few charts to show you how the times have been working recently. If you want them daily, sign up for my hotline service.

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