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In February of 2002, I made a change in the technique used to trade the MoonTides. In the past we basically took the forecast time of a turn as gospel and trailed an entry stop, then an exit stop. While the results were very good, over time we developed a better method, which is explained in the tutorial on this site.

Here is the summary of the 1ADay trades for February as done in real time. These are just points in the E-Mini, taking the hotline 1ADay trade. Individual results may vary a bit depending on the entry points chosen. But this table gives you a quick measure of our new method. A complete track record for all our hotline trades can be found on MoneyTide.com

The tutorial gives details on how about half of these trades were done. They should be studied for details of the techniques.

February 2002
Net 48.25

Now, if you did one EMini contract (suggested for beginners) that is $2412.50. Then subtract $25 per trade for slippage and commissions, which is 19 x $25 = $475, your gain was about $1937.50. If you can afford to trade the big S&P contract, or 5 lots of the EMini, your gain is $12,062.50-850 S/C = $11,212.50. All this just doing one trade a day.

Is that worth paying $99 a month for ? I think it is. And that's not even saying anything about the extra bonus of our position trading, which was also very good this month.

All this goes with the normal caveats. Futures trading is risky. But we believe the MoonTide approach reduces the risk.

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