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RT - Nov 2007

Give yourself a unique advantage over other traders. You wouldn't fly an airplane without a weather forecast. You shouldn't daytrade without a market forecast. We make a forecast of the S&P/Emini each day, using our proprietary MoonTide formula (see the tutorial on the Public Pages). We then recommend a few trades each day, taken at the MoonTide turns.
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This site provides market forecasts for subscribers only Monday-Thursday, with live chart updates showing how the forecasts unfold. These charts ARE NOT REAL TIME, so you should have your own online system for quotes and execution, and use our charts as a reference.

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MoonTide Trading Results
MonthPoints1 EMini1 S&P
Feb 0248.25$1937$11212
Mar 0233.501225 7525
Apr 0218.75 612 4037
May 0232.001125 7050
Jun 0267.75291215987
Jul 0236.501350 8200
Aug 0285.00370020150
Sep 0245.00175010250
Oct 0261.75218713637
Nov 0286.50330019575
Dec 0256.50192512325
Jan 0370.75263815888
Feb 0346.0013389538
Mar 0390.25296319463
Apr 0344.75128810038
May 0331.257526193
Jun 0398.00419522200
Jul 0376.50285015875
Aug 0334.5010906500
Sep 0327.509655850
Oct 0348.75185710762
Nov 0339.0014807400
Dec 0347.7517758887
Jan 0439.515857925
Feb 0443.7517478737
Mar 0472.5295514775
Apr 0468.25279213962
May 0465.25265213262
Jun 0449.00205010250
Jul 0456.75219710987
Aug 0452.75214710737
Sep 0434.2512027537
Oct 0473.25323216162
Nov 0455.50236511825
Dec 0445.5018959475
Jan 0532.5015805875
Feb 0555.75240712037
Mar 0578.25353217662
Apr 0539.7513676837
May 0547.0017408700
Jun 0546.2519329663
Jul 0547.50202510100
Aug 0545.5019259625
Sep 0562.75274713737
Oct 0582.50389519485
Nov 0538.0015507750
Dec 0558.25252212612
Jan 0634.5013156575
Feb 0650.0017808900
Mar 0663.25271213562
Apr 0659.00256012800
May 0682.75364718237
Jun 06132.75612730937
Jul 06101.75450722537
Aug 0686.25389219462
Sep 0660.50262513125
Oct 0657.00240012000
Nov 0658.25253212662
Dec 0645.7519879937
Jan 0760.75262713137
Feb 0752.75230711537
Mar 07114.50533526675
Apr 0759.50259512975
May 0748.7519279637
Jun 0784.75353717867
Jul 07114.25506225312
Aug 07115.75529726487
Sep 0780.00349017450
Oct 0775.25305215263
Nov 07161.00740037000
Dec 07107.50483524175
Jan 08219.251014250712
Feb 08117.00534026700
Mar 08163.50755337675
Apr 08103.25455222762
May 08115.00522026100
Jun 08148.00679033950
Jul 08146.75681734087
Aug 08116.25537226867
Sep 08238.501143557175
Oct 08336.501744588225
Nov 08227.001086054300
Dec 08232.501115555775
Jan 09131.50605530275
Feb 09164.75774738737
Mar 09160.75753737687
Apr 0996.00434021700
May 09104.50518623775
Jun 0996.50441522075
Jul 0992.75414720737
Aug 09108.00502025100
Sep 0993.25425221262
Oct 09123.00570028500
Nov 0957.25252212,612
Dec 0949.0019109,550
Jan 10112.25517225862
Feb 1083.00379018950
Mar 1078.25343217176
Apr 10137.25632231612
May 10183.25863243162
Jun 10169.00798042250
Jul 10173.75815740787
Aug 10101.25461223062
Sep 1097.25445222262
Oct 10109.75501725087
Nov 1094.00433018800
Dec 1054.75245712287
Jan 1174.50344517225
Feb 1181.25380318612
Mar 11120.75558727937
Apr 1171.50318515975
May 11110.75518725937
Jun 11118.50546527325
Jul 11113.00516026300
Aug 11318.751544777237
Sep 11195.75940747037
Oct 11169.25804240212
Nov 11170.75812740637
Dec 11126.50596529825
Jan 1295.50442522125
Feb 1277.25350217512
Mar 1285.25390219512
Apr 1295.25441222012
May 12162.50774538725
Jun 12119.50556527825
Jul 12148.25701235063
Aug 1280.75365718287
Sep 1271.25323216162
Oct 1275.00344017200
Nov 12134.00634031700
Dec 12103.25485224262
Jan 1388.25410220512
Feb 13116.25547227362
Mar 1378.00360018000
Apr 13154.25734236712
May 13103.00482024100
Jun 13131,75624725049
Jul 1388.00402020100
Aug 13114.50529528625
Sep 1366.50302515125
Oct 13167.50787539375
Nov 1379.50359517975
Dec 1398.00458022900
Jan 14105.75489724487
Feb 14143.75715634387
Mar 14147.75704535237
Apr 14150.25712235612
May 1475.25351217652
Jun 1446.50206510325
Jul 14114.50533526625
Aug 14126.75601730087
Sep 14125.50587529375
Oct 14235.251129256462
Nov 1491.50431521575
Dec 14141.25668233412
Jan 15266.001285064250
Feb 15113.50528526425
Mar 15119.00555027750
Apr 15140.00664033200
May 15142.00668033400
Jun 15122.75576730687
Jul 15172.25816240812
Aug 15182.008700445002
Sep 15214.001020052050
Oct 15190.25 905245262
Nov 15156.50 747537375
Dec 15141.50 669533475
Jan 16227.50 1101555075
Feb 16254.25 1206261312
Mar 16154.50 726536325
Apr 16159.50 747537225
May 16114.00 535026660
Jun 16187.00 890045500
Jul 1692.50 427521375
Aug 16112.75522726137
Sep 16134.00634031700
Oct 16120.75561728087
Nov 16130.50719530575
Dec 16109.25509225462
179 Month
18,712.50 $854,659 $4,319,570
1,797 $84,733 $425,433
149.71 $7,061 $35,453

This is a summary of the Win2Day trades as they could have been done in real time. This is not a real account, although many of the trades were taken. These results are a measure of the trading method, presented for educational purposes. They are not audited, but about 60% have been posted live in the chat room. Individual results may vary a bit depending on the entry points chosen. This table gives you a measure of our methodology.

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